7011 Appalachian Hwy, Blue Ridge, Georgia


Location: Connecting Atlanta & Asheville 

This stretch of highway in Blue Ridge connects Ellijay, Blue Ridge, & Murphy.

The Appalachian Hwy is one of N. Georgia's most beautiful major fairways, connecting multiple destination cities. Travelers include a mix of vacationing families and professionals from industries including commerce, health, academic, agriculture, and tourism.

Traffic reports of the area indicate that 21,200 vehicles drive past our billboard each day. That equals nearly 8 million vehicles every year! With a standard load factor of 1.5 people 18+ years of age, one-way traffic at our location delivers a Daily Effective Circulation of 15,900.

Numbers: 24/7 Audience = Powerful CPM 
Visibility: All Eyes On You


Digital outdoor advertising has an incredibly low CPM (Cost/1,000 impressions). Ad spots can be featured at a variety of times and cadences. We base all of our pricing from traffic, geography, and the demographics traveling through to see your business!

Digital outdoor advertising is one of the most flexible and adjustable forms of  content marketing. Toccoa Billboards has the capability to adjust ads throughout the week, depending on your campaign of what is happening throughout the week.

Surrounded by top tourist destination towns in N. Georgia and on a major thoroughfare,  your ad will consistently hit the residents and  visitors of Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.



Our 10’ x 30’ billboards are well placed on a wide-open roadside with the top soaring 30 feet off the ground. Featuring state-of-the-art Watchfire technology, the Single-Bin LEDs are packed together at a true 16mm distance. This enables a clarity and brightness unparalleled in the region.

Including Ellijay, Blue Ridge, & Murphy

Our powerful digital billboards reach Over 600,000 People Monthly!

Appalachian Hwy/US 76 East & West
Connecting Atlanta to Asheville

600,000 People

Atlanta to Asheville
Including Ellijay, Blue Ridge, & Murphy